Ambienta Glass

Ambienta Glass

Ambienta Glass Components are available in a variety of glass performance types, and multiple decor options.

At A Glance

Ambienta Glass is available in two basic Performance Levels - Annealed or Fully Tempered. Both are supplied as Low Iron (Clear) glass. Fully Tempered glass is several times stronger than annealed glass. Surface treatments such as Acid Washing are also available.

Fully Tempered Glass can sometimes appear to marginally distort the interlayer when viewed from certain angles. This is caused because the heating and cooling of glass sometimes creates a wavy appearance.

Ambienta Glass Panels are suitable for interior use. Exterior applications require special edge conditions. Check with Ambienta before specifying Ambienta Glass for exterior applications.

Market segments include Corporate, Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Public Buildings such as Airports and Transit Stations and Sporting Facilities such as Stadia and Gymnasia

Learn more about the technical characteristics of Ambienta Glass by downloading the Tech Data Sheet below.

Ambienta Glass TDS

Decor options include wood, fabric, solid color or digital print interlayers.

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