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Beautiful Design, Beautifully Simple

Ambienta is a collection of beautifully simple architectural systems offered in a range of natural and durable materials delivering visually stunning, high performance solutions without compromise.

Wherever there is a need for wall panels, restroom compartments or lockers, be they wood, stone, glass or metal, Ambienta offers smart solutions. Fully integrated system components include steel or aluminum hardware and concealed fixings, fully machined panel components complete with pre machined and installed fasteners, and mutliple reveal and panel edge options. The net result is a modular solution that is tailored to the uniqe needs and aesthetic demands of your project

Beautifully simple in it's modular design, easy to specify, quick to install, and with a wide range of colors, textures and natural finishes, durable AMBIENTA FACADE, is unsurpassed in both quality and integrity.

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