Ambienta Akustik Plus® Clouds & Baffles

Ambienta Akustik Plus® Clouds and Baffles

Room surfaces such as ceilings lend themselves particularly well to the installation of acoustic products. If necessary, the entire expanse of a ceiling can be utilised as absorption surface and what’s more, the sub-construction can be accommodated without restricting the available space within a room. The required sub-construction simultaneously provides the necessary clearance or cavity below the actual ceiling, which is essential for effective sound absorption

Panels & Planks

Acoustical clouds can be supplied as cloud panel components or complete with hanging kits and with or without inset lighting for plug and play performance

Acoustical baffles can be supplied as components made of compact broadband absorbers that are highly effective in the frequency range relevant for speech. Custom solutions can be created for any room set components or complete with hanging kits and with or without inset lighting for plug and play performance.

The image below illustrates custom white laminate baffles

The image below shows vertical and horizontal wood baffles

The auriLUX® lighting system with high-power LEDs meets rising architectural demands. It combines lighting and acoustics in one system.

The concept is a lighting solution that meets the highest design and functional standards, combining lighting and acoustics into an integrated system. One of the numerous advantages is the low structural height of just 1-1/4" (30 mm). As a modular ceiling system with a layout that can be customised, the concept with a broad selection of wood and material decors offers extensive design freedom. Recyclable components and mercury-free illuminants ensure the environmental compatibility of the system. Thanks to energy-efficient lighting technology and acoustic boards made of the renewable raw material wood, the concept is sustainable with a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

Thanks to the specially designed lens optics, light is emitted in a cone that assures glare-free lighting under all normal viewing angles. As a result, only small openings just 8 mm in size are visible in the ceiling viewed from below. The high-power LEDs with lens optics and integrated driver electronics are concealed in a compact housing behind the acoustically effective surface. These units form a plug-in system with a modular structure, permitting a variety of arrangements such as rows or arrays. Combining warm white and daylight white LEDs allows the color temperature to be continuously adjusted from 3,000 to 6,000 Kelvin. The intelligent combination of energy-efficient lighting technology, acoustic effectiveness and ceiling panels opens up entirely new interior design possibilities without any competition between lighting and architecture. The system is a highly functional and sustainable lighting solution that meets demanding design standards.

Modular Structure

We preassembles the installation and connection modules in accordance with individual project planning. All modules include preinstalled wiring and pass a quality assurance process on the test stand.

Simplified Installation

Working with prefabricated modules facilitates planning, commissioning and installation while also making subsequent revisions straightforward

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