Ambienta Acoustical - Akustik Plus® Wall Panel Systems

Installation Methods

The Ambienta Facade galvanized steel frame makes for a quick and easy installation of the panels. This consists the following components:

  • Vertical Post
  • Horizontal Rail
  • Hanging Bar
  • Hanging Bar

The Vertical Posts are supplied in a length of 120" (3050 mm). It is precision machined to match the panel clips elongated holes in both the horizontal and vertical alignment. Favorable load distribution is achieved by the specific folding of the Vertical Post and Horizontal Rail and the addition of a hidden floor mount. This significantly reduces the pressure effecting the fasteners.

The hidden fasteners allow for easy disassembly. The panels can be removed quickly and easily, cables, wires and pipings are hidden behind the panel and are easily accessible. The system also allows a stress-free mounting of the elements as well as their adjustment. A horizontal gap (20 mm) is required for all installation methods. This air gap remains visible as a shadow reveal at the top of the elevation.

The mounting system is load tested, the certification is available on request.

Traditional style reveals can be formed within the steel frame components by applying reveal tape and matching finish to the frame (see this video) or with the use of a matching spline.

When using the system-related frames we recommend two alternatives for the design of joints that give your wall cladding a very different appearance. With the use of splines, the mural appears homogeneous, the total impression is determined by the selected surface. If you decide for a striking joint, the panel structure is the additional design element.

The two installation possibilities are shown below, both as a structural detail and in the wall design for horizontal or vertical mounting.

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