Ambienta Akustik Plus® Design Options

Ambienta Akustik Plus® Panels and Planks

Ambienta Akustik Plus panels and planks are available in multiple finishes; Natural Wood Veneer, High Pressure Plastic Laminate, Melamine and paint and lacquer finishes in any NCS or RAL color way.

Panels & Planks

Our "all-inclusive" package system offers the ideal standard panel size and is supplied complete with Ambienta Facade Steel frame for a perfect solution for large wall displays as well as for room acoustic retrofitting of smaller rooms. The panels are machined to allow for Ambienta clips to be attached without compromising the perforation pattern.>

Available Products

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Acoustical Performance Table

Ambienta akustik+ slimline™ plank is a variation of our acoustic panel system. The system is adapted to suit any room situation and provides a contemporary linear look. You can choose between perforated and slotted elements in various designs.

The planks are easy to install and handle. With a width of 7-1/2" (192mm) they are wider than traditional systems, thus greatly shortening the assembly time. All offered perforation and slot patterns have outstanding sound-absorbing values. The system requires minimal planning effort and can be offered at an optimal price / performance ratio.

Acoustical Performance Tables

The following performance tables illustrate the versatility and perormance of our acoustical plank options.

Installing Planks

The system is equally suitable for both wall and ceiling mount. If for fire safety reasons, a nonflammable substructure is required, standard rails , for example, from the drywall interior building can be used. The mounting clips are then fixed with self tapping screws.

The slimline planks can be mounted either with offset (brickwork design) or without offset. By installing in brickwork design an almost waste-free mounting is possible.

Subject to the size of the wall or ceiling area, we recommend installing the narrow joints at a distance of 2 - 3 mm, to allow a proper material expension in the longitudinal direction (see also our on installation and processing instructions).

Depending on the application, there may be a need for Fire Rated sunstrates and Ambienta offers these in both Class A rated particle board or MDF aswell non-combustible sunstrates for the ultimate in fire protection. Fire rated wood veneers and fire rated laminates can be applied to any of these substrates.

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