Ambienta Akustik Plus® Design Options

Ambienta Akustik Plus® Material Options

Ambienta Akustik Plus® Acoustical Panels are available with different substrates and decor finishes. The standard options are detailed below. Please contact us with your unique requirements.

Material Options

Ambienta Akustik Plus panels and planks are available in multiple finishes; Natural Wood Veneer, High Pressure Plastic Laminate, Melamine and paint and lacquer finishes in any NCS or RAL color way.

Ambienta Akustik Plus panels are supplied with MDF and particle board substrates as standard. These substrates can be finished with any of the standard Decor Options.

Depending on the application, there may be a need for Fire Rated sunstrates and Ambienta offers these in both Class A rated particle board or MDF aswell non-combustible sunstrates for the ultimate in fire protection. Fire rated wood veneers and fire rated laminates can be applied to any of these substrates.

Ambienta AkustiK-Plus panels and planks can be installed using several different frame and clip configurations in both vertical and horizontal applications:

  • Ambienta Facade Steel Frame
  • Ambienta Grid Aluminum Frame
  • Ambienta Insta-Clip

Beside the aesthetic requirements, the product type selected and site conditions, will influence the frame selecion and attachment method. Ambienta will be pleased top recommend the appropriate solution for your project.

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